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DIALOGOS is one of the founding members of AGORA Network






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DIALOGOS is a consultancy in business development

Dialogos has specialised, since 1998, in multimedia & telecom applications for SMEs and administrations.


DIALOGOS has references in the study, design and development of solutions in the fields of banking, industry, training, tourism, advertising, local administration and graphic arts.


Greek   DIALOGOS in GREECE   Greek

Dialogos has a long history of pioneer in IT development in Greece


Currently DIALOGOS offers in Greece:


E-services for small enterprises, associations and professionals:

  • web hosting and groupware solutions (e-forums),
  • value added information services (Info broker/Business Intelligence)
  • international partnership seeking and building
  • European Networking and Funding assistance.


Consulting and studies on IT issues for bigger organisations and administrations


Advanced IT solutions for banking and public services:

  • Bill payment electronic kiosks of PFLS
  • E-learning solutions of Didaxis
  • Wireless Communication solutions of Synchroport


Greek   DIALOGOS with FRANCE   French

Dialogos has a long history of collaboration with French enterprises.


Currently DIALOGOS offers, with French Partners, a full set of services for developing bilateral business:

  • to French companies: for developing their business in Greece and its region,

·         to Greek companies: for developing their business with France and French speaking countries.


Greek   DIALOGOS in European Union   Greek

Dialogos has a long history of European partnerships

DIALOGOS has contributed for years to Research
on the Technological, Social and Economic aspects of the Information Society.


Currently DIALOGOS offers consulting on e-business, e-learning and e-democracy to companies and organisations all over Europe

For these activities DIALOGOS collaborates with a wide European Network of on-line services providers and consultants..